You need to get in contact with our team?

Our contact email is:


This is the only email for communication between the staff and the players. If you are being "attended" through another email by someone who claims to be our team, be aware that WE ARE NOT! Is someone trying to benefit illegally.

You can also contact us by:


1º   wkG 3940 pvps
2º   [Sr]-[Palito] 2735 pvps
3º   -[Awx]- 1894 pvps
4º   YourMotherIsMine 1675 pvps
5º   zAlejadinho 1198 pvps
6º   CTrlAltSNiper 1173 pvps
7º   Thenuk 1067 pvps
8º   BELZEBULL 1064 pvps
9º   [-N.E.S.C.A.W-] 1021 pvps
10º   MeninoDeOuro 986 pvps
1º   ARROW 9 pks
2º   DURATESTON 9 pks
3º   PlayBoyLiso 9 pks
4º   Sombra 9 pks
6º   VicT 7 pks
7º   [Sr]-[Randal] 7 pks
8º   MeninoDeOuro 68 pks
9º   Twist 6 pks
10º   [THE]-[KILLER] 59 pks
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