Below are displayed all the players who won the Grand Olympiad and currently are heroes.

Name Class Clan Ally
-Phoenix Knight--
-Hell Knight--
-Arcana Lord--
-Eva Templar--
-Sword Muse--
-Wind Rider--
-Moonlight Sentinel--
-Mystic Muse--
-Elemental Master--
-Eva Saint--
-Shillien Templar--
-Spectral Dancer--
-Ghost Hunter--
-Ghost Sentinel--
-Storm Screamer--
-Spectral Master--
-Shillien Saint--
-Grand Khauatari--
-Fortune Seeker--
1º   Fawkes 4379 pvps
2º   TiaaPiiT 3677 pvps
3º   -[((VENUS-PK))]- 3664 pvps
4º   -[TERRORISTA]- 3532 pvps
5º   FIEEL 2946 pvps
6º   [-Playboy-] 2737 pvps
7º   (-Russo-) 2683 pvps
8º   -[METALICO]- 2624 pvps
9º   [-FrouzenChaos-] 2575 pvps
10º   TEKZIV 2471 pvps
1º   -[ReI]--LordSaci 150 pks
2º   FAISKA 147 pks
3º   [-FrouzenChaos-] 125 pks
4º   [-Playboy-] 122 pks
5º   WINTER 121 pks
6º   [THE]-[KILLER] 114 pks
7º   -[TERRORISTA]- 92 pks
8º   .Seya. 92 pks
9º   prOkinG 86 pks
10º   [King-0utlawBr] 85 pks
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