Below are displayed all the players who won the Grand Olympiad and currently are heroes.

Name Class Clan Ally
-Phoenix Knight--
-Hell Knight--
-Arcana Lord--
-Eva Templar--
-Sword Muse--
-Wind Rider--
-Moonlight Sentinel--
-Mystic Muse--
-Elemental Master--
-Eva Saint--
-Shillien Templar--
-Spectral Dancer--
-Ghost Hunter--
-Ghost Sentinel--
-Storm Screamer--
-Spectral Master--
-Shillien Saint--
-Grand Khauatari--
-Fortune Seeker--
1º   -CIBELLY- 6779 pvps
2º   [SR]-[HATACHI] 5700 pvps
3º   Novox 4287 pvps
4º   IDASHI 4188 pvps
5º   IroN 4167 pvps
6º   (THEBINGBANG) 4044 pvps
7º   Anabelly 4008 pvps
8º   Cleverson 3487 pvps
9º   MistycDown 3486 pvps
10º   [-Sr.Coringa-] 3391 pvps
1º   -CIBELLY- 451 pks
2º   [SR]-[HATACHI] 272 pks
3º   tokueEmeuu 165 pks
4º   YasserAlShahranI 141 pks
5º   Novox 137 pks
6º   [FAKE] 121 pks
7º   22-Nato 106 pks
8º   FasttleGamwich 106 pks
9º   BadMage 71 pks
10º   [SR]-[GALACTUS] 71 pks
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