Below are displayed all the players who won the Grand Olympiad and currently are heroes.

Name Class Clan Ally
-Phoenix Knight--
-Hell Knight--
-Arcana Lord--
-Eva Templar--
-Sword Muse--
-Wind Rider--
-Moonlight Sentinel--
-Mystic Muse--
-Elemental Master--
-Eva Saint--
-Shillien Templar--
-Spectral Dancer--
-Ghost Hunter--
-Ghost Sentinel--
-Storm Screamer--
-Spectral Master--
-Shillien Saint--
-Grand Khauatari--
-Fortune Seeker--
1º   [C.o.s.p.l.a.y] 1177 pvps
2º   Weaker 650 pvps
3º   iNewRush 505 pvps
4º   RadamanthysS2 500 pvps
5º   KameHameRa 447 pvps
6º   MateusFernandes 346 pvps
7º   DruuGs 219 pvps
8º   BaScArA 204 pvps
9º   JonFloquinho 196 pvps
10º   BING 194 pvps
1º   DunhaKiller 41 pks
2º   SenChat 26 pks
3º   iNewRush 24 pks
4º   -.EL-Shadday.- 21 pks
5º   Athena 20 pks
6º   Weaker 19 pks
7º   JonFloquinho 17 pks
8º   BaScArA 16 pks
9º   GaspaziinhooO 16 pks
10º   TheBest0fManaus 14 pks
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